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Wow! [21 Sep 2008|06:28pm]
[ mood | weird ]

Wow! is the theme of California's PTSA Reflections compeititon. Sooo I want to do it this year even though it's horribly lame and being a senior, I really should just blow it off, but fuck it, I want to write something reflection WOW! >.> But! How the fuck do you do that?
wow. like wtf. There is no way to write about something horribly depressing about wow! I can't write something hopeful and happy because life is far from being happy. I don't even know who's happy anymore because no one is. Everyone drowns in their own misery, and it's a fun pool to drown yourself in.


Besides that I started rereading the Anita Blake series; the first books of the series are fucking brilliant and then the plots were replaced with sex, and it just fell apart. Sure, it was WTF when Anita chose the Master of the City, Jean-Claude, over alpha wolf Richard Zeeman, but now she's fucking everyone, and I don't give a shit it's over the ardeur. I could slap Hamilton for writing such shit.

And I'm reading Crime and Punishment for AP Lit. It's fucking brilliant. The writing's brilliant, but it's a translation so I can't say Dovtesky's writing is brilliant. Damn. Seriously, though, the main character is one of the most masterful original characters I've ever read. So my favorite characters list stands at:

Lestat de Lioncourt
Edward ("Ted Forrester")


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Bye Bye Navigator [12 Aug 2008|12:36pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

So my sister has been under the assumption that she wasn't getting a car until next year.
That changed two days ago.
So now we don't have the Navigator because we traded it for her Sentra...
and my parents still paid $626 out of pocket. -.-
The large SUV industry is way shot down; it's sad.

But now I get to hear about how her car is amazing: keyless go, two-tone interior, her speakers/radio reception is amazing.
I guess my Mazda 3 doesn't compare anymore. >.<
Hell, I still get a sunroof and a better engine.
I rather speed like hell. 

And gas is at $4.03 in Orange County. It's so damn close to going under $4.00.
And now to worry about house foreclosures... >.>

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Failing at LJ Layouts [08 Aug 2008|01:58pm]
[ mood | blank ]

So I somehow abandon LJ, shocker. But I'm willing to give it another round if I somehow can figure out HTML. 
Why can't this be like myspace? >.> Those are at least easy to work with.
So if you know of a site that'll help me code my LJ, I'll love you forever. <33

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Reminder: Kill the Creator of LiveJournal [06 Jul 2008|10:55pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

 I'm going to kill the creator of livejournal when I have a chance.
I don't get how difficult this can be.
I'm not illterate when it comes to HTML, but I'm dumbfounded when it doesn't appear anywhere.
Honestly give me a myspace page, and I'll do just fine with it, just fine. It'll be beautiful and happy and gay.
BUT NOT LIVEJOURNAL. No, they hate HTML and CSS apparently.
Well fuck you. >.<

Today had its ups and downs. Thanks to livejournal, it isn't ending that great. Thanks livejournal.
I've become terribly nostalgic, and it's making me sick. I've been craving for the summer before ninth grade more than ever.
I don't know why; it had more downs than ups. It might have been how much that summer truly saved my life, though.
Because of her. And now communication is faltering between us, and I've never felt more scared.
Really, she could have died that summer, but this is what I'm scared of.>.>
I do tend to have messed up priorities which probably even makes this situation worse.
I just miss her, damn it, and I want her back, but I feel she's like sand slipping through my fingers.
There's a part of me that says let her go and a part of me that says that something would die inside of me without her.
I severed the chains before and that was bad enough.
Damn it, summer is suppose to be fun, and it's turned into the complete opposite.

EDITWO: I got it; I got it. -breathsdeeply- But now it's offcentered. That'sREALpeachy.

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